Henrikes – Somebody Stole The Sun

Henrikes - Somebody Stole The Sun'Henrikes' have really landed a fant­ast­ic song with their latest track 'Somebody Stole The Sun'. The song, taken from their EP 'Out Of The Blue', is a power­ful blend of dark pop and elec­tro pop that is sure to leave listen­ers in awe. The clear and pleas­ant singing voice of the artist is espe­cially impress­ive, lend­ing an extra lay­er of emo­tion to the already mov­ing lyr­ics. Speaking of lyr­ics, 'Somebody Stole The Sun' deals with themes of depres­sion and sad­ness, but the almost uptempo beat and hope­ful tone of the song gives listen­ers a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel.

Sonically, the track is a first class pro­duced elec­tro pop mas­ter­piece that will appeal to cas­u­al listen­ers as well as die-hard fans of the genre. The catchy and mel­an­chol­ic sound of the song is com­par­able to oth­er great elec­tro pop artists such as 'Grimes' and 'Chvrches', while the artist's power­ful vocals draw com­par­is­ons to the likes of 'Robyn' and 'I Blame Coco'.

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Henrikes about 'Somebody Stole The Sun'

The song is about the feel­ing of depres­sion and how it can be exper­i­enced almost as if some­body removed your abil­ity to access light. The single is to be released 10th of March accom­pan­ied by a dance video by cho­reo­graph­er Sarah Hirsch from Contemporary Dance Method in London.

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