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Hush Bewlay - I'm A Stranger Here Myself (EP artwork)The elec­tro pop / synth pop song 'Emulator' by US artist 'Hush Bewlay' is a fant­ast­ic sound­ing, fresh song from his first EP "I'm A Stranger Here Myself". Sonically, as well as in terms of mood, I like 'Emulator' the best on the cur­rent EP. The song has a pleas­ant mid-tempo and nice warm sound­ing syn­thes­izer sounds that send mel­an­chol­ic melod­ies over the aether. The vocals of 'Hush Bewlay' are sooth­ing, melodi­ous and super har­mo­ni­ous with the song. There is also noth­ing to com­plain about in the pro­duc­tion. For a debut, it sounds highly professional.

Besides 'Emulator', I would like to recom­mend the open­er 'Stranger'. This is also a fant­ast­ic synth pop song and also has a touch of 80s nos­tal­gia. The oth­er two songs on the EP "I'm A Stranger Here Myself" are also good, but not really our genre. Here we oscil­late some­where between com­mer­cial pop / rock / 90s indie pop.

It's def­in­itely worth listen­ing to. 'Hush Bewlay' is without a doubt a tal­en­ted artist with a wide music­al range. I hope we will hear more, espe­cially elec­tron­ic, songs in the future. This song is part of our Spotify playl­ist ‘New Synth Pop Songs 2022‘. The playl­ist is updated con­tinu­ously. Follow this playl­ist now and don’t miss any of the latest synth pop hits in 2022.

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Lyrics of 'Hush Bewlay – Emulator'

Stretching from the hello to the handshake
Everything about me was a lie
Any shape I bend myself in
Trying to be useful
You nev­er know you're wrong until you try

It's my job to pretend
Thank you, Emulator

Talking up a world of bril­liant color
Everything around me going pale
Smiling through my teeth
Can you hear my heartbeat
You expect the best
Then you expect to fail
It's that feel­ing again

Thank you

It's my job to pretend
It's my job to pretend
Thank you, Emulator

That's the funny thing about escape
You can offer it to anyone
And it's one thing that they won't take
You become what you've been run­ning from

It's my job to pretend
Thank you, Emulator

Welcome to the party
This is progress
Catching my words hang
At every scene
Hello celebration
We crawl into conversation
Underneath the sound of machines
Does this make me a friend
Let's play instigator

It's my job to pretend
It's my job to pretend
It's my job to pretend
It's my job to pretend
Thank you, Emulator

Hush Bewlay about 'Emulator'

The song was writ­ten about my per­son­al social anxi­ety, but it can apply to all of our reli­ance on fil­ters and tech­no­logy as go-betweens in our every­day life. Danceable anxiety?

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