Like What – Out Alive

Like What - Out AliveThe song ‘Out Alive’ is the latest song from the US band ‘Like What’. The band themself says: “Synth-driven song in the style of the dark 80s – Depeche Mode, The Cure, Joy Division.”. The song has real potential, otherwise I wouldn’t have posted it here. But I also have to admit that the decision was on a razor’s edge. I think the basic mood is great and the synthesizer sounds and effects really pop in the darkness.

As a point of criticism, I have to say that the vocals are not well mixed or recorded. It sounds a bit too thin for the very fat produced sound. And that’s not because of the singer, because last year we included the song ‘Drowning In Your Eyes’ in our Spotify playlist ‘Synth Pop Newcomer 2021‘ and here the mixing of the vocals sounds much better. At least in my opinion.

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