Like What – Out Alive

Like What - Out AliveThe song 'Out Alive' is the latest song from the US band 'Like What'. The band them­self says: "Synth-driv­en song in the style of the dark 80s – Depeche Mode, The Cure, Joy Division.". The song has real poten­tial, oth­er­wise I wouldn't have pos­ted it here. But I also have to admit that the decision was on a razor's edge. I think the basic mood is great and the syn­thes­izer sounds and effects really pop in the dark­ness.

As a point of cri­ti­cism, I have to say that the vocals are not well mixed or recor­ded. It sounds a bit too thin for the very fat pro­duced sound. And that's not because of the sing­er, because last year we included the song 'Drowning In Your Eyes' in our Spotify playl­ist 'Synth Pop Newcomer 2021' and here the mix­ing of the vocals sounds much bet­ter. At least in my opinion.

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