Melt Motif – Warrior

Melt Motif - WarriorThis is the new 'Melt Motif' song 'Warrior'. The first notes in the intro are remin­is­cent of min­im­al elec­tro begin­nings at the end of the 70s. The sound in the song is very unique and clean.

Here and there you can find traces of IAMX-inspired sounds, which just sound weird. All the elec­tron­ic­ally gen­er­ated sounds are quirky and sound some­how exper­i­ment­al, but all in all they cre­ate a har­mo­ni­ous pic­ture. The song is slow, but very intense due to the vari­ety and volume dynam­ics. A fant­ast­ic song!

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Melt Motif about 'Warrior'

I’m a war­ri­or. I don’t carry love. The first single from the upcom­ing Melt Motif album is an epic and emo­tion­al one. Rakel’s voice sparkles more than ever, and builds up to a chor­us to remember.

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