Missing Words – In The Shadows (Feat. Fevr)

Missing Words - In The Shadows (Feat. Fevr)The US band 'Missing Words' have just dropped their latest track 'In The Shadows' and it's a dark wave dream come true. This col­lab­or­a­tion with Fevr is a great work of son­ic seduc­tion and moody mel­an­choly. From the first notes of the 80s-inspired hand­claps, you know you're in for a retro ride. But this isn't some cheesy throw­back; 'Missing Words' bring their A‑game with a deep bass beat that'll keep you dan­cing through the night.

And let's talk about those vocals. They're like a warm embrace of mel­an­choly, pulling you deep­er and deep­er into the shad­ows. It's like the per­fect mix of 'Diary Of Dreams' and 'The Cure', with a touch of 'She Past Away' thrown in for good meas­ure. Lyrically, 'In The Shadows' is unapo­lo­get­ic­ally goth­ic, with no com­prom­ises. It's sexy and dark, with a hint of danger lurk­ing beneath the sur­face. But don't be scared – let 'Missing Words' and 'Fevr' guide you on this son­ic journey.

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