Naeon Teardrops – Waters Rising

Naeon Teardrops - Waters RisingIf you're look­ing for a song that will take you on an emo­tion­al jour­ney, Naeon Teardrops' 'Waters Rising' is the per­fect track for you. This dark pop/synth pop song is a slow burn­er that will leave you feel­ing cold and mel­an­chol­ic, but also strangely captivated.

The song is quite mono­ton­ous, with little vari­ation in tempo or dynam­ics, but some­how man­ages to remain excit­ing through­out. It's not a song that will get you mov­ing on the dance floor, but rather one that is best enjoyed through quiet listen­ing, prefer­ably with a good pair of headphones.

Listening to 'Waters Rising' feels like embark­ing on a long, ardu­ous jour­ney up a moun­tain. The somber mood of the song is con­veyed through the haunt­ing vocals and mel­an­chol­ic synth sounds, which work togeth­er to cre­ate an atmo­spher­ic exper­i­ence that will stay with you long after the song has ended.

'Naeon Teardrops' vet­er­an cre­at­or, Per Martinsen, has clearly put a lot of effort into craft­ing a unique son­ic land­scape that is both cap­tiv­at­ing and somber. The song's power­ful and emotive nature make it an excel­lent choice for fans of dark wave and synth pop who want to explore the more mel­an­chol­ic side of the genre.

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