Vlimmer - Erdgeruch
The song with the subtle but sinister title 'Erdgeruch' by the German band 'Vlimmer' is a dark wave song with an 80s touch and high tempo.
Like What - Out Alive
The song 'Out Alive' is the latest song from the US band 'Like What'. Style of the dark 80s - Depeche Mode, The Cure, Joy Division.
Gränsen - True Love
The synth pop song 'True Love' performed by the Swedish band 'Gränsen' is basically about the topic to fall in love.
Skylark - Dark Space
The melancholic song 'Dark Space' by the Swedish band 'Skylark' is gentle, harmonious and above all characterised by sadness.
Dark - Desire
The official music video of 'Desire' by 'Dark' is not allowed for embedding on other sites due to the age restriction. We link to the video here.
MPKS - The Light
With a rising mood and angelic atmosphere, the song 'The Light' lives up to its name. The French artist 'MPKS' hit the nail on the head with this electro pop tune.
Catinca - Without me
From the German artist 'Catinca' comes the calm dark wave song 'Without me'. A track with a great minimal electro atmosphere.