d.notive - Chimera EP
The US band 'd.notive' released a very atmospheric synthwave song named 'Alter' on January 28th, 2022. The song is taken from the EP 'Chimera'.
H2SO4 - Fast Cars
With the speedy song 'Fast Cars', 'H2SO4' supports the lyrical title perfectly, musically speaking.
My Hysteria - Leipzig
The British band 'My Hysteria' present their first synth pop / new wave single 'Leipzig' from the album 'Dark'.
&Tilly - Dawn
The indietronic / electro pop song 'Dawn' is a very calm tune by the Slovakian band '&Tilly'.
TEMMIS - Wenn Du Da Bist
The song 'Wenn Du Da Bist' by the German band 'TEMMIS' is a fast-paced frenzy that hits the notch of the early 2000s indietronic scene.
Coolmowee - Life Of A Robot
With a lot of energy, pressure and cool sci-fi sounds, the synth pop song 'Life Of A Robot' by the Canadian artist 'Coolmowee' takes off.
Traumship - Cold Hands
With a strong 80s vibe in the chorus, 'Traumship' presents their still super modern sounding synth pop song 'Cold Hands'.
Hatif - Close To None
The song 'Close To None' by the Swedish band 'Hatif' starts with an electronic, oriental sound and harmonies.