River Huxley – Infinite Insomnia

River Huxley - Infinite InsomniaThe US artist "River Huxley" makes an impress­ive return with his latest song "Infinite Insomnia". The track moves skil­fully in the elec­tro and witch house genre and sur­prises with a cap­tiv­at­ing vari­ety of sounds. Interestingly enough, this song fits per­fectly into the witch house genre, des­pite the fact that it is actu­ally reserved for women. In doing so, River Huxley shows inspir­a­tion from vari­ous ele­ments remin­is­cent of the best of the early 2000s.

"Infinite Insomnia" presents nos­tal­gic chip­tune ele­ments in some places that evoke asso­ci­ations with artists like Crystal Castles, La Roux and even Welle: Erdball. The fusion of these dif­fer­ent influ­ences gives the song a unique atmo­sphere and cre­ates a dark, yet rous­ing mood.

However, there is also one aspect that some listen­ers might take a crit­ic­al view of. The heav­ily elec­tron­ic­ally dis­tor­ted vocals through­out might take some get­ting used to. While this can cer­tainly be seen as a delib­er­ate choice of style by the artist and acts as a strik­ing high­light in cer­tain pas­sages, clear­er vocals could fur­ther emphas­ise the emo­tion­al depth of the song.

"Infinite Insomnia" cap­tiv­ates the listen­er with its hyp­not­ic rhythm and the suc­cess­ful inter­play of vari­ous elec­tron­ic ele­ments. The com­bin­a­tion of Witch House sounds with nos­tal­gic chip­tune ele­ments is a dar­ing but extremely suc­cess­ful step. With this song, River Huxley once again shows his flair for extraordin­ary sound exper­i­ences and the abil­ity to expand the bound­ar­ies of the genre.

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River Huxley about 'Infinite Insomnia'

From the raw depths of the NYC under­ground, River Huxley returns this July with “Infinite Insomnia”, the first single of his upcom­ing 2023 “Nemesis EP”.

Glitchy and emo­tion­al elec­tro for the anxious, rest­less and sleep deprived gen­er­a­tion. With “Infinite Insomnia” he joins the soundtrack of the Metaverse, while also pay­ing homage to the Electropunk sounds of the Indie Sleaze and Bloghouse era of the late 2000’s.

With a vari­ety of influ­ences from Synthpop, Chiptune, Dreamcore and Weirdcore, Huxley con­tin­ues to blend and push the lim­its of his sig­na­ture Electropunk genre-bend­ing style.

His return comes from the heights of his 2022 release “Spirits of the Dead” which landed him on the Top 100 Witch House Artists Worldwide, while also chart­ing on Germany’s Top 100 Electronic iTunes Daily Tracks and the Top 150 Apple Music Algeria Electronic Chart.

Huxley on the themes of Infinite Insomnia: “At night, when you can’t sleep, you battle thoughts in your mind that seem end­less – infin­ite. We live in a gen­er­a­tion that is sleep deprived, con­stantly bom­barded with the neg­at­iv­ity that sur­rounds us. Infinite Insomnia dwells on those thought loops that seem to nev­er leave us alone.”

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