Robert Schipul – In One Place

Robert Schipul - In One PlaceIf you like rough­er music, then the elec­tro rock / synth pop song 'In One Place' by US artist 'Robert Schipul' will def­in­itely appeal to you. Sonically, I was imme­di­ately drawn to artists such as 'The Brute:'. The song is very rough but also has soft parts and the vocals are even very calm and emo­tion­al. A very excit­ing and dynam­ic mix­ture in my opinion.

The song is from the album 'TTL PWR' and really stands out from the album. For me per­son­ally the best song on this album, because the rest is much more reduced and uses less elec­tron­ics. But feel free to go on an exped­i­tion yourself.

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