Floating Panda – I Can't Wait

Floating Panda - I Can`t WaitFrom the fresh German artist 'Floating Panda' we have received the new song "I Can't Wait". The song moves at a mod­er­ate tempo some­where between elec­tro pop and min­im­al elec­tro.

The sound still feels a bit naive and not quite developed yet, but I think I can hear a lot of poten­tial here. In any case, I'm curi­ous to see what else 'Floating Panda' has in mind for the future. The idols are at least big names and hit the right note: Electric Youth, CHVRCHES and Zynic! What do you think of the song?

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Floating Panda about "I Can't Wait"

“I Can’t Wait” is a warm, mel­an­chol­ic Synthpop cre­ation about the desire to turn a vis­ion into some­thing tan­gible – the ini­tial joy that comes with fresh ideas, mixed with the pain that lies in mak­ing them a real­ity. It will come – but not right now. Driven by a steady bass­line and 80s snare, the found­a­tion gives space to the huge lead synth on top of which the soft vocals and floaty hi-hats can shine and cre­ate a sunny melancholy.

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