Snake Milk – Darker Side Of Hell

Snake Milk - Darker Side Of HellThe gloomy sounding title ‘Darker Side Of Hell’ by the German band ‘Snake Milk’ is a fairly accessible electro pop / indietronic song. Lyrically the song is a satiric tale of our current state of events. This is the second song by the artist from Berlin. We are curious to see what else is in store for us.

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oh….. the news
has got me feeling blue
its just page after page of a bunch of crap
even the crossword is a trap

oh no!
the worlds about to blow
too much pent up steam in the collective dream
black white red and full of cream

Can You Feel The Multipain
Multiplying In Your Brain

Taking Over Every Cell
Climbed So High Up Then You Fell

Can You Feel The Multipain
Quantifying You Insane

Theres No Water In The Well
Its No Place For Souls To Dwell

Its The Darker Side Of Hell

looks like snow
but no one really knows
it came pouring down from outer space
maybe its the piss of another race

phone home
im feeling so alone
can’t seem to get love out of this machine
wo ist meine dopamine

stay in place
n show only your good face
but the rotten bits are seeping out
as the soul lets out its final shout