Hoxton – Lead Fumes Leadership

Hoxton - Patterns (EP artwork)The Australian band 'Hoxton' man­ages to bridge the gap between 80s not­al­gia sound and mod­ern rel­ev­ance with their fant­ast­ic synth pop song 'Lead Fumes Leadership'. The track is taken from the EP 'Patterns'. I would espe­cially like to recom­mend this song to all 'New Order' fans. The vocals are har­mo­ni­ous, soft and sooth­ing and the gui­tar is (thank­fully) used very subtly in this synth driv­en track.

Hoxton talks about the song 'Lead Fumes Leadership': "A trib­ute to 80's new wave; arpeg­gia­t­ors, drum machines and chor­used gui­tars. The 80's seemed like a dec­ade of wild growth and unlim­ited poten­tial. In con­trast, the lyr­ics of Lead Fumes Leadership, express the frus­tra­tion of feel­ing unrep­res­en­ted by our lead­ers, in the face of cli­mate change and massive inequal­ity, and elec­ted offi­cials who are behold­en to massive, green wash­ing cor­por­a­tions and not the people they should rep­res­ent. All delivered with an upbeat hook!".

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