Jennasen – Velvet Twilight (Feat. The Biomechanical Toy)

Jennasen - Velvet Twilight (Feat. The Biomechanical Toy)Alright, it's time to give my two cents on Jennasen's latest tune 'Velvet Twilight' fea­tur­ing 'The Biomechanical Toy'. First off, I have to say that this song falls into that cat­egory of "not quite sure if I'm sold on it, but I can't stop listen­ing to it". You know the feel­ing, right?

The song itself is def­in­itely poppy, but it's got this chilled-out vibe that I can get down with. The syn­thes­izer sounds are pretty killer and the vocals are smooth as but­ter. But let's not for­get about 'The Biomechanical Toy'. The Spanish spar­ring part­ner brings some ser­i­ous elec­tron­ic fire­power to the table, and it's a match made in heaven.

If you're into elec­tro pop that's a bit on the shal­low­er side, then 'Velvet Twilight' is def­in­itely worth a listen. It's catchy, it's fun, and it's got just enough of an edge to keep things inter­est­ing. And hon­estly, the more I listen to it, the more it grows on me.

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Lyrics of 'Jennasen – Velvet Twilight (Feat. The Biomechanical Toy)'

Whatever happened to the magic?
Was it all in my mind?
Was it make believe?
Faded memory

I’m tired of feel­ing like a villain
I’m no good at goodbye
But don’t say to me
It was all a dream

Shake off that mess
So sick of second-guess­ing myself
I spent too many years among the wreckage
Trying to resur­rect a dead end

Running into walls made of stone
Hanging by the thread of my fool­ish hope
But if I’m beg­ging for bones
I’d rather be alone

Velvet twi­light
End the dark night
Bring me back to life

I’m gonna be alright

I take a good look in the mirror
And decide how it’s gonna be
No amount of history
Was worth that misery
I’ve finally had it with the madness
And the pat­terns play­ing on repeat
So I’m set­ting free
What’s not meant for me

New friends, new place
Little moments that leave a glim­mer in my days
I savor the changes
I’m on my way
(I’m on my way)

And I can feel the blood rush beneath my skin
Let the sun­shine light me up again
I’m an ocean
Wide open
And I’m diving in

So this is start­ing over

I fix my eyes on the horizon
Hold my head high and suddenly
Find the stars are with­in my reach
Beyond my wild­est dreams
Oh yeah yeah

I’ve finally had it with the madness
And the pat­terns play­ing on repeat
So I’m set­ting free
What was not meant for me

Velvet twi­light
End the dark night
Bring me back to life

I’m com­ing back into the magic
That was always a part of me
I’ve found my peace
And it’s sweet relief

Jennasen about 'Velvet Twilight (Feat. The Biomechanical Toy)'

Electronic artists Jennasen (USA) and The Biomechanical Toy (Spain) have teamed up for their new synth pop release, “Velvet Twilight”.

“Velvet Twilight” is punc­tu­ated by eleg­ant syn­thes­izer sounds and dreamy pop vocals, open­ing with a dance beat remin­is­cent of 80s synth pop. The rise and fall of the elec­tron­ic sound­scape car­ries the listen­er as the song nav­ig­ates the bit­ter­sweet cross­roads of let­ting go and mov­ing for­ward, echo­ing out in a warm and palp­able embrace.

The col­lab­or­a­tion happened organ­ic­ally when the two artists con­nec­ted on social media. The Biomechanical Toy provided an elec­tron­ic play­ground for Jennasen to craft the melody and lyr­ics, and each artist added their per­son­al touch to the pro­ject. “We set out to cre­ate a song that is both dance­able and soul-stir­ring,” they shared.

Jennasen has been mak­ing waves in her homet­own Indianapolis, IN. In 2022, her debut year, she released two synth pop singles (“Scared Rabbit” and “Generator”) and gave over thirty live per­form­ances, includ­ing open­ing for a nation­al act and play­ing to sold out crowds.

The Biomechanical Toy (David Albalá Ubiergo), based in Aragón, Spain, has been stead­ily pro­du­cing elec­tron­ic dance music since 2020, and his melod­ic instru­ment­al releases con­tin­ue to gain momentum in the media and on radio airwaves.

“Velvet Twilight” is avail­able for stream­ing and down­load on all major music plat­forms, along with a psy­che­del­ic video visu­al­izer YouTube premiere, on February 17th.

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