Sun’s Spectrum – Last Time (Feat. Nomotion)

Sun's Spectrum - Last Time (Feat. Nomotion)‘Last Time (Feat. Nomotion)’ is a catchy dark wave song by the Italian band “Sun’s Spectrum” with a certain touch of distinctive synthesizer melodies. The track is mainly aimed to the dance floors of the gloomy gothic clubs. Originally written by Jonny Bergman of Nomotion, the track has been re-arranged and reinterpreted by Sun’s Spectrum.

The very warm baritone vocals are indeed very reminiscent of vocal legends like Andrew Eldritch (Sisters Of Mercy) or Dave Gahen (Depeche Mode). The combination of classic post-punk, dark wave and synth pop gives the fresh track a certain classic gothic attitude.

Among other great bands also this track is part of our Spotify playlist ‘Synth Pop Newcomers 2021‘.

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I am trying to understand
All your crimes, all your lies to the very end
While your world is falling down
I will stand, I will connect to the psycosphere

This is the list time you will hear my name
This is the last time I will make you bleed
This is the list time I will let you down
All these tears are flooding back to you

A stream of consciounsness
from the depth, from the last hurricane
while the universe is tumbling down
I will forget, never get past what’s in the depth