Indelible Scars – Darkly Dreaming

Indelible Scars - Darkly Dreaming'Darkly Dreaming', the latest song by English artist 'Indelible Scars', takes the listen­er on a fas­cin­at­ing jour­ney through the dark world of synth pop and post punk. With a suc­cess­ful mix of ener­get­ic atmo­sphere and sin­is­ter mood, the song cre­ates a unique sound­scape that unfolds like a clas­sic hor­ror movie soundtrack. Thematically, it is about self-aware­ness with the infec­tion 'Lyme Disease', which is trans­mit­ted by ticks. Therefore, the cov­er fits the song very well.

The song opens with an eer­ie music box melody accom­pan­ied by the haunt­ing tick-tock of a grand­fath­er clock. This open­ing imme­di­ately cre­ates a mys­ter­i­ous atmo­sphere and con­jures up the idea of sin­is­ter scen­ari­os. Although the first verse is rather quiet and min­im­al­ist­ic, the poten­tial of the song is already revealed here.

At 0:44 minutes, the first "real" synth sound sets in and breaks the silence. This moment is like a wake-up call and imme­di­ately attracts atten­tion. The syn­thes­izers build up con­tinu­ously and impress with their power­ful pres­ence. Indelible Scars prove his tal­ent here by man­aging to hold his own along­side estab­lished greats of the scene.

However, the drums, which have a rocky sound, are not neces­sar­ily to my per­son­al taste. It con­trasts with the elec­tron­ic ele­ments of the song and seems a bit stand-out. Still, there's no deny­ing that it adds a cer­tain ener­get­ic note to the song and may appeal to oth­er listeners.

All in all, Indelible Scars presents a song with "Darkly Dreaming" that has both strengths and small weak­nesses. The dark mood and the ener­get­ic syn­thes­izers are def­in­itely the high­lights of the song, while the rocky drums may not be to everyone's taste.

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Indelible Scars about 'Darkly Dreaming'

Lyme Disease is a mis­un­der­stood and often mis­dia­gnosed dis­ease which is insi­di­ous and creep­ing with symp­toms ran­ging from chron­ic fatigue and flu to psy­chos­is and organ fail­ure. ‘Darkly Dreaming’ is an explor­a­tion into my own per­son­al struggle with the dis­ease. Along with the recent work by the UK artist Ren who vis­cer­ally chron­icles his own exper­i­ence, I hope in some small way to raise aware­ness of Lyme Disease and pre­vent fur­ther avoid­able infections.

“Classic Lyme Disease.. I’m sorry, but that’s life” said the Doctor as he gazed upon the per­fectly cir­cu­lar 8‑inch rash behind my knee. Admittedly the Doctors choice of words and bed­side man­ner could have been bet­ter, but I’m etern­ally grate­ful for his dia­gnos­is. It is estim­ated that 80% of infec­tions are nev­er dia­gnosed or mis­dia­gnosed. The myri­ad of dif­fer­ing symp­toms that present from patient to patient fur­ther com­plic­ates diagnosis.

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