Vaylon – Wishful Thinking

Vaylon - Wishful Thinking'Wishful Thinking' is an almost naïve-sound­ing synth pop song by the Danish band "Vaylon". However, this is meant in a mostly pos­it­ive way and is indeed a very beau­ti­ful song with a lot of retro charm.

It may sound a bit absurd, but dur­ing the chor­us I had flash­backs to "The NeverEnding Story". Maybe not in terms of con­tent, but in terms of mood it's a song that would def­in­itely have found a good place on the ori­gin­al soundtrack next to 'Never Ending Story' by 'Limahl'.

Lyrically, how­ever, the song 'Wishful Thinking' is more of a mel­an­chol­ic song about a lost love or rela­tion­ship. And the whole thing is beau­ti­fully pack­aged in a romantic 80s synth pop song with a lot of nostalgia.

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  1. Wow, abso­lutely love this – could be a clas­sic synth track. Such a catchy melody and chours 🤩👍🏻🎹🖤🎶

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