YuKnoWatt – Resilience (Feat. Julie Trouvé)

YuKnoWatt - Resilience (Feat. Julie Trouvé)This fant­ast­ic syn­thwave song 'Resilience (Feat. Julie Trouvé)' comes from the French ret­rowave music pro­du­cer 'YuKnoWatt'. The spe­cial atmo­sphere, how­ever, is cre­ated by the col­lab­or­a­tion with sing­er Julie Trouvé, who lends the neces­sary warmth to the oth­er­wise cool elec­tron­ic sound construct.

Absolutely remark­able and in my opin­ion worth men­tion­ing is that the song is very var­ied and has no unne­ces­sary lengths. It is all the more regret­table that the song breaks off and ends rel­at­ively sud­denly after only 02:30 minutes of play­ing time. But luck­ily there is the song repeat function!

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Lyrics of 'YuKnoWatt – Resilience (Feat. Julie Trouvé)'

I am leav­ing the shadow
Is any­body here?

The sun at my back erases all my fears .

Mistakes of the past have already disappeared.

Like a phoenix, I will rise from my ashes.
There’s no shame any­more, I can face my background.

YuKnoWatt about 'Resilience (Feat. Julie Trouvé)'

The song is about the abil­ity to gain height after hav­ing suffered many fail­ures. A heavy drum and bass beat, pads and a haunt­ing voice. The track is aer­i­al and intense.

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