Electrozombies TV 07/2021

It’s like music television in the digital age

This is a selection of our favourite music videos of July 2021. We recommend enjoying the playlist on a large Smart TV. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel now and never miss your monthly ‘Electrozombies TV’ show again. Watch the Electrozombies TV playlist now.

The playlist ‘Electrozombies TV 07/2021’ contains the following official music videos:

  • Beyond Border – Pry Open (Feat. Jan Revolution)
  • Dräger – No One Knows
  • bloodinwater – Like Anything
  • China – Touch – Different Face
  • Rain Diary – Night Church
  • Echoberyl – Salomé (Suffer Me)
  • Girlfriends And Boyfriends – Your Touch
  • Male Tears – Hit Me
  • Kat Von D – Enough
  • Alienare – Everything Will Be Alright
  • Elz And The Cult – Fire Meets Fire
  • Wolfsheim – Kein Zurück

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