Alles – Miasto Duchów

Music video 'Miasto Duchów' by Electropunk band 'Alles'. Animation by Krzysztof Ostrowski, cre­ated for 73rd anniversary of Litzmannstadt Ghetto liquidation.

Lyrics (translation):

we went away by trains
in cargo wagons
in trucks, in carriages
like unne­ces­sary equipment
we're locked behind the wall, behind the wire
we're kept locked… under lock and key
we're humi­li­ated, broken
killed, wiped out.

nev­er nev­er again
thrown into the garbage
sen­tenced to death
among factor­ies and chimneys
we float over the city
look­ing through windows
of our small homelands
we're just the dust
bad conscience
save the memory
save from oblivion

nev­er nev­er again!

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