Amelia Arsenic – To Love Is To Destroy

Official music video 'To Love Is To Destroy' per­formed by 'Amelia Arsenic'. Video dir­ect­or: Oliver Heath.


Out of devastation,
Comes new life
Our evol­u­tion­ary joke
When twis­ted hearts com­bine as one
Some kind of arcane antidote

Trapped flawed rhythm
Mortal and real
Like spin­ning fates, orbit­ing minds
Cannot conceal
That lust will make us blind

To love is to destroy
It's devolution
Written in our blood
No redemption

It’s our shared psychosis
Cosmic conspiracy
Sentiment makes you weak
Restrained obedient

Planetary fic­tion
Romance anomaly
Survival of the coldest
A reflex of uncertainty

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