Amelia Arsenic – Live Slow Die Old

Official music video 'Live Slow Die Old' per­formed by 'Amelia Arsenic' taken from the EP 'Queen Of Risk'. Video dir­ec­ted by Oliver Heath.


We’re so broke and fuck­ing bored
Allergic to our daily work
We want that Roman opulance
The status quo we will subvert

Our egos big­ger than our hearts
We got the world we still want more
Too cool to try, blaise to fail
Our liv­ing nihil­ist­ic chore

We believed the hype
Dream big and reach up for those tiny stars
We saw through the shit
Now we wanna make our home among the dirt

We’re gunna live slow
We’re gunna die old
Always doing what we’re told

We’re Generation Y,
We’re Generation why the fuck not?

We’re just millionaires
Embarrassed to be wait­ing in the wings
Wanna be the 1 per cent
Without the reckoning

This is my pray­er for you
Maybe you’ll wake up and feel today
More than util­ity, more than what oth­er people say.

In gold we trust
We’re spun, in debt, obese, addicted.

In gold we trust
Selectively numb with reason.

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