Parralox – Goodbye Berlin

Official music video 'Goodbye Berlin' per­formed by 'Parralox' taken from the album 'Genesis'.

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Lyrics of 'Parralox – Goodbye Berlin'

Goodbye Berlin
The world is turning
Away from all that we love
You know it like I do, like I do

I spent 3 days walk­ing in the rain
You take me into hell and then back again

Don’t keep me here, I can’t bear to stay!
Oh I’ll come back again, on anoth­er day

So Goodbye Berlin
My heart is burning
To run from all that I love
You know that I can’t stay or remain

A dark­er world, deep­er underground
That only you can find, only in your mind

Just for now we should say goodbye
To keep the love alive, let the Eagle fly

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