Parralox – Genesis

The creation of a new fantastic Electropop album

Parralox - Genesis

Album facts

Release Date: November 29th 2019
Label: Conzoom Records
Genre: , , , ,
Discogs: Link
Partially sounds like: Pet Shop Boys, Erasure

It almost feels like an eternity. 3 years after the last studio album ‘Subculture‘, the Australian Electropop band Parralox presents their new work ‘Genesis’. With 15 new songs the album is really packed.

Besides John’s fantastic vocals the usual suspects Johanna Gervin and Louise Love as well as actress and singer Jane Badler join in. The latter should be known to most sci-fi fans from the 80s series ‘V‘, which played the main character ‘Diana’. Furthermore, the ex keyboarder Ian Burden of ‘The Human League‘ is also involved.

Amazing Electropop from the beginning

The opener ‘Tears Of Faith (Feat. Jane Badler)’ is a catchy Electropop song that stays in your ear with the repetitive chorus “Amazing love, amazing love, …”. The clear and soft voice of Jane Badler fits seamlessly into the typical Parralox sound. This is an excellent choice for a guest singer.

With an 80’s “Oh-way-oh-way-oh” (Similar like in the song ‘All Over The World’ by ‘Pet Shop Boys‘) the track ‘System Of Pleasure’ tunes in including a classic handclap sample. Paired with quite modern sounds there is a strange retro-modern atmosphere. The song may be structurally simple, but it has everything that makes a successful radio hit. The vocals are crystal clear and have a wide dynamic range.

The beginning of ‘Robots Of The World Unite’ is already strongly based on 80s Italo Disco. The vocals in the verses have a cool robot vocoder effect and sound very crisp due to the short lines. As soon as you get to the chorus, the acoustic stage changes into a glowing rainbow of glitter with the typical sound that ‘Modern Talking‘ in the 80s would not have done better. The sound effects and synths in the bridge is reminiscent of sci-fi classics like ‘Logan’s Run‘. So the mix is damn exciting in this song. Thumbs up for this incredibly good song.

Colourful, catchy and playful

With good tempo and positive vibes, the song ‘Revelation’ has a lot of love to give. The song is entertaining and definitely has the right qualities for a Single release. Colourful, catchy and playful are the terms that describe the song best. Yes, the song is basically like a carefree summer day where everything is perfect.

Mysterious sounds introduce the song ‘Nemesis’ before drum sounds like from a 90s Acid/Techno track (greetings to Marusha) drives rhythm into the song. Cool robot voices with industrial and mechanical sounding samples create a wonderful sci-fi feeling. In contrast, there is a fantastically soft and organic sounding melody in the chorus, with lyrics that melt the hearts.

The flesh and blood that I provide
Should oscillate and satisfy
Lyrics from ‘Nemesis’ by Parralox

‘Under The Skin’ has inherited a few percent of the sound genes from Pet Shop Boys classic ‘Heart’ in the intro, but at a more moderate speed. At least that’s how I associate it, if you disagree, just write it in the comments below. Lousie Love sings the song with a very erotic charisma. Almost teasing and breathy, the verses are transported into the ear canal via the loudspeakers. The complete song radiates a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Parralox - Genesis (Publicity Shot 2019)
Parralox – Genesis (Publicity Shot 2019)

Some darker tunes

The song ‘The Future’ is my personal favourite song on the album ‘Genesis’. A nice clear short beat with heavenly sounding melodies and harmonies. The song is spiced up by the spectacular sci-fi sound effects, synths and samples. I think it’s wonderful that ‘The Future’ is a bit gloomier compared to the other songs. This gives the album another variation in the sonic experience.

With a slightly exhilarating beat ‘Genesis’ continues with the song ‘Resurrection’. High floating, almost soprano, the vocals are reminiscent of disco classics from the 70s, such as ‘Heart Of Glass‘ by ‘Blondie‘ or ‘You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)‘ by ‘Sylvester’. Lyrically it’s obviously about the most beautiful minor matter in the world. Also appealing is the richness of tonal variations, as well as the dynamic range in the song.

Personally, I just like the bleak songs better. But they are quite sparse on the album ‘Genesis’. All the more pleasing for me is the song ‘Hurricane’, which injects a small syringe full of black ink into the whole work. The tempo is in the lower mid-tempo range and lets you come down wonderfully at the end. I also like the woven in ‘Depeche Mode‘ reference: “The sun and the rainfall”, which appears in the first verse. At least I can imagine that it should be a reference because John von Ahlen is also a big ‘Depeche Mode‘ fan.

I should have known it from the start
A storm has come to take my heart
Lyrics from ‘Hurricane’ by Parralox

The revelation

I am fully convinced by the album ‘Genesis’ by ‘Parralox’ and can recommend it to every Electropop fan. The album offers a lot of mood alternation and is incredibly varied in sound. Personally I would wish there were more melancholic songs from Parralox because the few that exist have a wonderful depth. And especially John’s vocals are predestined for that.

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Track By Track Rating

Parralox - Genesis
Parralox – Genesis
Tears Of Faith (Feat Jane Badler)
Goodbye Berlin
System Of Pleasure
Robots Of The World Unite
Sueño Latino
Cadenas de Oro (Feat Ian Burden)
Under the Skin
Über Ding
The Future
Robots Of The World Unite
The Future
(Nothing to report here)
Finest Electropop

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