Black Nail Cabaret – Maelstrom

Official music video 'Maelstrom' per­formed by 'Black Nail Cabaret' taken from the album 'Gods Verging On Sanity'. Video by Richard Besenczi. Do you love this music video? The video was awar­ded as one of the best synth pop music videos 2021. See the oth­er awards now!


I need to simple down my life
Trains of thought run­ning in like unin­vited strangers without knock­ing on my door
I need to simple down my life
I need to fil­ter the information
I need to simple down my life
We know too much and yet so little

But love is the greatest struggle of all
The way you walk,
the way you talk
I wish it could be a little softer
You are my biggest distraction

We should have more room for the passion
It’s like a chain reaction
We col­lide then pull out of this friction
I’m so distracted
Detached from life
Detached from now
My mind is preoccupied
Everything is customised

I’m amazed and absorbed by a dis­tor­ted vision
It’s so dumbed down as I scroll down

This is what we were and what we still could be together