Black Nail Cabaret – Resonance

Official music video 'Resonance' per­formed by 'Black Nail Cabaret' taken from the album 'Pseudopop'. Directed by Tamas Mesmer.


It’s dark, it’s dark
The chapel falls apart
I’m wan­der­ing on dry bones
Running with the foxes

Under the moon
They’re hunt­ing us down
Those people from the town

There’s no spot to rest
They’re tread­ing down my nest
I’m climb­ing after spiders
Running with the foxes
I’m run­ning with the foxes

I’m in love
I’m in love
You’ll lie you’ll cry here
Gravel, take me
Decompose me, break me
I’m in love
I’m home
Succumbed to the resonance
Deprive me of comfort
I’m in love

Fumes of decay
Keep the weak souls away
Let’s con­quer a vault
The safest of all

It’s dark, it’s dark
The chapel falls apart
I’m squirm­ing with the crawlers
Hiding with the foxes
I’m hid­ing with the foxes

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