Black Nail Cabaret – Pseudopop

Black Nail Cabaret - Pseudopop

The 4th album ‘Pseudopop’ has reached a new level

Black Nail Cabaret - Pseudopop

Album facts

Release: November 20th, 2018
Label: Dichronaut Records
Genre: ,
Discogs: Link
Partially sounds like: Björk, Junksista, Depeche Mode

A turning point for Black Nail Cabaret?

With their fourth album ‘Pseudopop‘ ‘Black Nail Cabaret‘ show their skills completely. Not only musically we are moving on an extremely high level here, also visually the band has developed a lot. I would like to mention the album artwork, as well as the previously released music videos in praise. Good job!

Black Nail Cabaret explains: “Pseudopop is a summary of all the music that had a huge impact on our lives. We couldn’t exactly tell which melody or sound comes from which influence. We just emptied our brains, dropped the genres and let it loose. It is a nice hybrid of the chaos inside both of us and we like to think that it’s avant-garde contemporary pop with dark alternative roots.”.

Not pseudo at all

The first song ‘Icarus‘ reminds a lot of the early works of ‘Björk’. But more modern and above all much darker. The sudden glitch sounds make the track particularly exciting. These glitch effects come into their own in the last third and have ‘Depeche Mode’ quality.

Rhythm X‘ is the second single and also one of the strongest tracks on the album. The part with the chant will definitely please all fans of ‘Junksista’. I think the collaboration in the past has left its mark. The song is full of electronic sounds, samples and effects, and still sounds very organic and warm. A really great song.

Next, we are surprised by the track ‘La Petite Mort’ which means ‘The little death’ and is an expression for the orgasm. With a steady beat forward, superimposed by soft surface sounds that flatter the ear canal like velvet. Despite the title and its meaning, the lyrics are very subtle, leaving enough play in the interpretation.

You are beautiful in the morning, Half naked and barely shaved
Lyrics from ‘La Petite Mort’ by Black Nail Cabaret

Black Nail Cabaret - Press photo 2018
Black Nail Cabaret – Press photo 2018

An album full of surprises

The song ‘Trigger-happy’ delivers super cool beats combined with cool, metallic industrial sounds. The individual song sections are very varied and dynamic, without being torn apart.

Bête Noire‘ was the first sign of life for the upcoming new album. Here was already to guess what a strong album we have to expect. The chorus is very catchy and invites you to sing along after a few repetitions. In my opinion, ‘Black Nail Cabaret’ have raised their own bar by two levels with this song.

I think I wanna kill you, but I believe in peace bitch
Lyrics from ‘Bête Noire’ by Black Nail Cabaret

I do not really want to write much about the song ’90s’. Somehow the song sounds to me with the Caribbean-inspired guitar and vibe after a bad commercial for a shower gel or a cheap rum. The song is not bad, but not really mine either.

More bleak music please

The instruments of ‘Verge On The Creepy’ sound almost tragic. Slowly and melancholy, the song spreads a dark aura that I can hardly escape. Great, right? It proves once again that the sadness writes the best songs.

The first few seconds of ‘Technicolor’ sound like a bleak 80s Synthwave opener for a post-apocalyptic movie. The first beat and the vocals give a different picture in the mind. Namely the one in a smoky club in front of a heavy red velvet curtain. Complex and profound is the poetry in this wonderful duet.

Unrequited Love‘ crawls like an ice-cold wind, unpleasantly under the skin. Then that beep from the life-sustaining machine, with the voice of Emese invading the soul, makes me shiver. The track is simply goosebumps and will not leave anyone cold. Definitively a highlight on the album ‘Pseudopop’.

Shame on you, Shame on me, Shame on all of us
Lyrics from ‘Unrequited Love’ by Black Nail Cabaret

The last song ‘Resonance’ pulls us out of this deep hole again and raises the mood as well as the album equally. Even though the song is in the mid-tempo range and it certainly is not a light fare, it is a sonically gliding over blue lakes and green fields in the sunshine compared to the rest of the album. The perfect song to finish this gorgeous album.

We reciprocate the love

The new album sounds in fact quite different than its predecessor ‘Dichromat‘. In terms of quality and originality, the album ‘Pseudopop’ is in no way inferior. If you are into slow to mid-tempo music, full of melancholy and electronics, you are well advised with this album.

We highly recommend this album. Buy the physical/digital album on their Bandcamp page and support this fantastic band. l love you guys.

Track By Track Rating

Black Nail Cabaret - Pseudopop
Black Nail Cabaret – Pseudopop
Rhythm X
La Petite Mort
Bête Noire
Verge On The Creepy
Unrequited Love
Rhythm X
Bête Noire
Unrequited Love
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