Black Nail Cabaret – Therapy

Official music video 'Therapy' per­formed by 'Black Nail Cabaret'. Taken from the album 'Dichromat'. Directed, pho­to­graphed and edited by Martin Šuchter, Special thanks for Bianka Vago and Cale Firgren for their collaboration.


I wrote a few notes today, after a breakdown
I think I'm miss­ing the trip
but I don't feel bad, I don't feel sad
so hey, you
don't keep look­ing back
once you turn your head, the light goes out
stay with me

emo­tions are banging the rib cage
don't float away
I'm frightened so I give them names
silly names, scary names
don't judge me, don't grab me
just have me then let me go

words crawled off the paper
I let them in, and let them out
if they smile, I smile back
but there is one who is trouble, it says:
this is not what you expected
but I'm fine, but I'm fine
I will man­age, I will manage

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