Blank – Hypnonaut

Official music video ‘Hypnonaut’  performed by ‘Blank’ taken from the album ‘Drifting Slowly’. Video directed and edited by Davide Mazza.


Take a look around yourself until you see what’s wrong with us
Hide your eyes conceal the sun and
Stare into the barrel of a loaded gun

Noise and poison falling down the streets and suddenly the system fails
Ghosts and scars and everything has changed
Your wounds are going to bleed the pain away

We don’t know what we know
We don’t say what we say
We don’t see what we see
So we’ll never believe
We don’t know what we know
We don’t feel what we feel
We don’t care where we’ve gone
So bring it on

Can you hear the sound we make while we feed our demons
A feedback loop year after year
Hell is just a place not far away from here