Cygnets – Ana & Mia

Cygnets   Ana And Mia

Official music video ‘Ana & Mia’ by ‘Cygnets‘ taken from the album ‘Alone/Together’.


Woke up all alone today
with my friends Ana & Mia.
Didn’t have a lot of words to say,
’til the mirror said “I wouldn’t wanna be ya.”
Left dreams of youth behind,
playing in the cool breeze, swaying in the sunlight.
All scenes are falsified
and someday we’ll find peace of mind.

Sat up in my bed today
with my friends Ana & Mia.
They’d been with me in an awful stage,
now they’re left here, just judging my freedom.
They can’t be satisfied
’til there’s nothing in me,
’til the hunger subsides.
All data falsified,
no yesterdays will be here tonight.

I can’t survive this test of fate.
I keep passing out, I feel the strength subside.
Her and I sat there swaying to the bassline,
sickened by the words that I
justified in this refrain.
I feel her in my veins,
I sense the lithe
Oblique disguise.
I can’t awake, I’m lost inside.

Need a little help today,
asked my friends Ana & Mia.
So I told ’em that I wouldn’t break.
I feel weak, it’s like an anesthesia.
In the fall I can survive,
cut off all the intake, focus on the outside.
And this all is no fault of mine,
too strong to live but too weak to die.

Went out in the world today
with my friends Ana & Mia.
Walking helpless in a thoughtless haze Through the park where the whole world gets to see ya.
This state personified;
Mia in my stomach and Ana in my eyes,
But I’m only the face behind.
I face away, I face the divide.

How sad am I?
This self-restraint is medicine that I need to survive.
Her and I sat there praying to a false god,
deadly thin but still alive.
And when I die what will remain?
Just traces of a wasted void
that I filled with lies.
I can’t awake, I’m lost inside.