Rupert Falsch – Moose Und Farne

Rupert Falsch - Moose Und FarneOfficial music video for the min­im­al elec­tro song 'Moose Und Farne' per­formed by the German artist 'Rupert Falsch'. Even if the music video fits visu­ally very well to the music, it would have been nicer if 'Rupert Falsch' had used his own, ori­gin­al video mater­i­al for the music video. This is a con­struct­ive cri­ti­cism in advance.

Otherwise, the song 'Moose Und Farne' is a nice clear and on the beat pre­cise min­im­al elec­tro track à la 'Kraftwerk' or 'Velvet Condom'.

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