Eisfabrik – 7even Days of Darkness

Official music video ‘7even Days of Darkness’ performed by ‘Eisfabrik’ taken from the album ‘Life Below Zero’.


Can you see me run in circles?
And I cannot find my way
How I try moving obstacles
Being blinded by your day

This is how my whole life feels
And I live it on my own
This is how my lonely soul feels
When I’m frozen to the bone

When I’d see you run in circles?
I would help you find your way
Break the hidden frontiers
Tell the unseen gods to say

How to make it to their heaven
How to sense the holy day
How to beat the curse of seven
Days of darkness on your way

Seven days of darkness
Not a single day of light
I will take your godhead
You cannot take my pride

Seven days of coldness
Not a single day of strength
Now I will gather power
And bring it to an end