Eisfabrik – Life Below Zero

Listen now to the EBM / synth pop album ‘Life Below Zero’ per­formed by ‘Eisfabrik'.

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The track list of ‘Eisfabrik – Life Below Zero’:

  1. Mirror
  2. Saving Shore
  3. Eins mit dem Wind
  4. Wait for a Sign
  5. Neurodämon
  6. Lost in Endless Ice
  7. 7even Days of Darkness
  8. White Wings
  9. Choose
  10. Energie
  11. Glück auf!
  12. Lost Control
  13. One More Tale
  14. Life Below Zero
  15. Ain't Gonna Lie
  16. Over and Done
  17. Wages of Sin
  18. Zeit und Meer
  19. Wake Up!
  20. Alles still

Release Date: February 25th, 2022
Label: NoCut Records
Discogs: Eisfabrik – Life Below Zero

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