Ember Twin – Beautiful Liar

Official music video 'Beautiful Liar' per­formed by 'Ember Twin'. Filmed and dir­ec­ted by Ida Nyström.


I don't play like the rest
I like to play but not like this
I find myself in someone else
But nev­er when I'm by myself

You do you and I do too
I love myself, I don't love you
Love is hard and love is weak
I like to lie, I like to speak

I'm a beau­ti­ful liar
I make beau­ti­ful pop
I'm a beau­ti­ful liar
Turn the music up and
Let the mor­als drop

I like to play and to have fun
All tied up with music on
Things that I can do with cash
Buy someone, it nev­er lasts

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