Garek – Ledge

Official music video 'Ledge' per­formed by 'Garek' taken from the album 'Take The King'.


The empty chairs at your funeral
Tell me, how does it feel to find out you're so forgettable?
Your tomb­stone left in dire neglect
Every dry eye passes by with­hold­ing respects

No one chalked all of the lines
Traced your silhouette
A new cou­ture corpse fit
Where you rot upon the pavement

Step off, step off
And don't be afraid to drop
When you're hear­ing no goodbyes
You'll learn to love the edge

Step off, step off
And don't be afraid to drop
Cuz you ain't worth shit alive
And even less in death

The crick­ets cry at your eulogy
The blank sheet of paper where your leg­acy should be
Every vase derel­ict and pristine
The flowers nev­er bloomed, none of them bothered to seed

Take your­self out of the human race
I know you wanna let go, so let go
Step off

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