Garek – Take The King

Garek Take The King Vol 1

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Release: September 23rd, 2016
Label: Self released
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A radiant light from the US

America’s scene of Industrial, Synth Pop and Darkwave is growing very fast the last years. This week we received a promo of the debut album ‘Take The King’ by ‘Garek’. For us it seems that a brand new artist enter the stage. For that reason, we were all more amazed as we saw that ‘Garek’ has already done his music video debut with ‘Save The Queen‘ 4 years ago.

On his YouTube channel we also found more awesome music videos, and further we discover his releases on his Bandcamp page from the past years. Obviously ‘Garek’ isn’t really a newcomer in the scene, but he didn’t make waves outside the US. We hope this will change dramatically after this review. Spoiler: “The album is awesome!”.

Industrial Pop? Nu Industrial?

The opener ‘Cavity‘ starts immediately with a vibrating Industrial influence. The pulsating bass beats that blast deep and loud, gave us the feeling that our speakers will explode soon. The tempo of the track is in the low beat range. The chorus reminds strongly of Nu Metal influences such as ‘P.O.D.‘, ‘Disturbed‘ or also ‘Linkin Park‘. But it’s still a pure electronic track which gives it an unique sound. Personally I would call the genre something between Industrial Pop and Nu Industrial.

A musical revolution?

The second title ‘Save The Queen‘ is revolutionary, especially with the background knowledge that this song is already 4 years old. With the first listening we would have said immediately, this is a brand-new 2017 song, but it isn’t. ‘Save The Queen’ is definitely one of the catchy tunes we would like to recommend to listen to.

Garek - Photo by Nick Suttle
Garek – Photo by Nick Suttle

‘My Animal’ is musically even more towards the dance floor. Here the tempo is increasing and the pop factor is clearly drawn. This is very good for the album, as it shows the creative diversity of Garek’s compositions. The number ‘My Animal’ has much vocal similarity to Lauri (The Rasmus) which we really like. Here it sounds absolutely awesome!

A further musical variety gives us the following song ‘Ledge’. This one goes more into the Electrorock direction. Rough electric guitars, and analogue sounding drums let you headbanging. It’s just incredible how versatile the music of ‘Garek’ is. If you like the shouting of Chester Bennington (Linkin Park), then the track ‘Eve’ is yours. The typical Electrorock sound continious in this song in an epic way.

Boys Don’t Cry

To put it straight to the point; The song ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ is unfortunately not a cover version of ‘The Cure‘. Although I personally would have loved to listen it in a version of ‘Garek’. I guess that it would fit perfectly into the concept. Anyway, in this case ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ is a song written by ‘Garek’. This one is sound-technically in a mid tempo range and sounds more dark and melancholy than all tracks before.

But ‘Garek’ won’t letting you left with that sorrowful feeling of ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, and sends you right back to the dance floor with ‘Stray’. Club beats and catchy tunes are the basic elements of this gorgeous track.

The song ‘Leper’ has in principle the same genes as even the great number ‘Eve’. The main difference is that “Leper” dispense with the electric guitars. But that’s okay, because here we can listen to another side of Garek’s musical talent and variety.

Is Garek’s album a king-like debut?

Definitely! We really enjoyed this fresh wave from the US. We are a bit sad that we didn’t hear anything about ‘Garek’ the years before. Note to ourselves: “We need a correspondent for Electrozombies in the USA!”. Do not waste time and listen to this album immediately. It is incredibly varied in the songs, as well as in the style. Conclusion: Finally a fresh breeze for the black scene.

By the way, this album also made it into our article ‘The best Synth Pop and genre-related albums 2017‘. Read now.

Track By Track Rating

Garek Take The King Vol 1
Garek - Take The King
Save The Queen
My Animal
Boys Don't Cry
Stray (Acoustic)
Save The Queen
My Animal
(Nothing to report here)
A grand debut