Garek – Silhouettes & Ghosts

Official music video 'Silhouettes & Ghosts' by 'Garek'.


Your rib­cage like a tiny harp
Strings to touch, but can't be plucked
My fin­gers trace the spine along your back
I press my head upon your chest
I'm still search­ing for your breath
So cold, but everything is still in tact…

But where do I begin
Try to fill you in?

What can I cling to how much closer can I get?
You left me some­thing to which I can­not connect
Your breath­ing slows, I loved you so
I'm left alone lov­ing your sil­hou­ettes and ghosts

A shell without a song in it
And all I see's a silhouette
Coming and then fad­ing out of focus
Receding into the distance
I feel the shape of your pelvis
Where my con­cave now becomes your convex

I'm start­ing to lose us
Our time is almost up

Don't leave me yet

I'll hold you like a hologram
Love you like a reflection
Pull you even deep­er into my dimension

I can­not connect

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