Garek – Silhouettes & Ghosts

Official music video ‘Silhouettes & Ghosts’ by ‘Garek’.


Your ribcage like a tiny harp
Strings to touch, but can’t be plucked
My fingers trace the spine along your back
I press my head upon your chest
I’m still searching for your breath
So cold, but everything is still in tact…

But where do I begin
Try to fill you in?

What can I cling to how much closer can I get?
You left me something to which I cannot connect
Your breathing slows, I loved you so
I’m left alone loving your silhouettes and ghosts

A shell without a song in it
And all I see’s a silhouette
Coming and then fading out of focus
Receding into the distance
I feel the shape of your pelvis
Where my concave now becomes your convex

I’m starting to lose us
Our time is almost up

Don’t leave me yet

I’ll hold you like a hologram
Love you like a reflection
Pull you even deeper into my dimension

I cannot connect