Ghost Twin – Pet Ceremony

Official music video for the Dark Wave song 'Pet Ceremony' per­formed by 'Ghost Twin' taken from the album 'Love Songs For End Times'.


Precious friend, I know I've failed you count­less times I'm sure
And take for gran­ted all your love so warm and pure
Give you almost noth­ing in exchange I hold your world
And I want to, oh I want to
I want the wis­dom to decide your fate
Make sure the very best in life is always yours to take
Unquestioning, you nev­er falter
Precious friend your inno­cence it cuts me to the core
Your eyes reflect the universe's soft­est glow
Give in to this feel­ing and I exchange this doubt for bril­liant conviction
Oh I want to
We'll keep each oth­er safe forevermore
Like oth­ers of our kinds have done ten thou­sand times before
Unquestioning, you nev­er falter

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