Ghostfeeder – Let The Wolves Inside

Official music video 'Let The Wolves Inside' by 'Ghostfeeder' taken from 'World Fameless', the new album avail­able from Distortion Productions.


I say the words that take you where you wanna go
do the things that put on a hell of a show
lost in the afterglow
I tele­vise the thoughts that were nev­er clear
a mega­phone for all you ever wanted to hear
you'll nev­er get out of here

I'm at my best when you're scared to death
it's just like an invitation
when you're alone with the demons in your head
I'll be there like your salvation

I'll carve a weapon out of your fear
a gift from me
so no one can get near
per­fectly engineered
ill find a corner of your mind that you had to hide
behind a face that covered up whats inside
I'll be your alibi

I've got the only way to make things better
my advances will not be denied
sal­iv­at­ing over your surrender
open up and let the wolves inside

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