Ghostfeeder – Veins

Official music video 'Veins' per­formed by 'Ghostfeeder' taken from the album 'Star Beast'.


I've got the blood of the summer
stick­ing to my tongue
it fills my mouth like a prayer
I've got the heat of the earth
stick­ing to my skin
I feel new life in the air

​you pull me in and I feel my heart beat
some­times you have to die to feel alive
I'm see­ing double and I'm down on my knees
there's some­thing in the water tonight

​I've got your blood in my veins
noth­ing feels the same, no
I've got your blood in my veins

​I've got the world as it moves beneath me
it's like my destiny
I've got the fire of a mil­lion suns
burn­ing inside of me

​I see your eyes as they stare through mine
no more a divide
you and I
you're in my mind
it gets a little easi­er every time

​we share the same heart
we share the same fear
only the loneliest
know this awful emptiness
you've got your secrets and I've got mine
ever the optimist
you think that there's an end to this

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