Glüme – Dangerous Blue

Official music video 'Dangerous Blue' (NSFW) per­formed by 'Glüme' taken from the album 'After Dark 4'.

Lyrics of 'Glüme – Dangerous Blue'

I’m Switching Gears
The Wind Is Blowing
The Mind Gets The Body Going

You’re A Fear
Of Mine Worth Knowing
Behind The Moon Baby It’s Glowing

Say A Prayer
He’s Looking Mad
And, I Feel So All Alone

The Mirror Won’t Show
Whose Looking Back
The Moon Has Never Looked So Sad

Look How The World Spins
Just Like I Do
I’ll Come Back Around Darling
But, Not For You
This Layer Of Sky Is
A More Dangerous Blue
Don’t Teach Me To Cry Baby
The Colors You Do

I’m Switching Fears
My Heart Proclaims
The Basic Structure Is The Same

But, You’re The Beat
And, You’re The Ache
I Fill My Lungs You Light The Flame

Say A Prayer
Life’s Not Bad
But, I’ll Never Be The Same

The Mirror Won’t Show
Whose Looking Back
The Moon Has Stopped Lighting The Way

I Drove To The Water
The Sun Met Me There
My Feet Stirred The Earth
I Became Aware
All This Is Immediate
The Words That You Scream
That Life Plays The Violin
But, I Still Can Sing

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