Handful Of Snowdrops – Change My Mind

Official music video 'Change My Mind' per­formed by 'Handful Of Snowdrops' taken from the same-titled EP 'Change My Mind'.


A life­time past in sighs
That nev­er met your eyes
A sul­len heart
You all torn apart

Standing, idle on your streets
And star­ing at his feet
He’s Invisible
And barely alive

If you look he will be found
Less a will that’s gone
And a heart not beat­ing like it should
If there’s still time to…

Change my mind
A broken clock would tell you
A plot and ending
That noth­ing else than truth…
Would change my mind
If I’d let you
If only I cared
If there’s still time to…

Now a life­less lump of clay
But once he use to laugh and say
“All bleed­ing hearts
Are con­ceal­ing art!”
He’s a blank page with no face
An old man out of phase
All done with life
Before he was five

Everybody get in line
If you think it’s worth your time?
Do you?
Will you?

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