Hapax – Shining Lover

Hapax - Shining Lover

Official music video ‘Shining Lover’ by Darkwave band ‘Hapax‘. Director and Editing by Elio Nubes De Filippo.


You hide the blood of the hating men
Rain! My despised and sad mistress (lover)
Your crying songs bring silence again
Pain! It’s the name of your absence

We feel Her rage
like the drums of past ages
She warns who i am
and she’ll find me at the end

How can (the) Senses understand your real strenght
How can… I not raise my head
When she falls
“Dark and blind as the world of man”
she’ll find me at the end.

she is dance on my head
She decides who i am
The pain is her absence
She catches my rest
She decides who i am
Rain! My shining lover.