Hapax – Shining Lover

Official music video 'Shining Lover' by Darkwave band 'Hapax'. Director and Editing by Elio Nubes De Filippo.


You hide the blood of the hat­ing men
Rain! My des­pised and sad mis­tress (lov­er)
Your cry­ing songs bring silence again
Pain! It’s the name of your absence

We feel Her rage
like the drums of past ages
She warns who i am
and she’ll find me at the end

How can (the) Senses under­stand your real strenght
How can… I not raise my head
When she falls
“Dark and blind as the world of man”
she’ll find me at the end.

she is dance on my head
She decides who i am
The pain is her absence
She catches my rest
She decides who i am
Rain! My shin­ing lover.

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