Harmjoy – Don't Keep Me Waiting

Official music video 'Don't Keep Me Waiting' by 'Harmjoy' taken from the album 'Iron Curtain. Velvet Glove'.


Don't Keep Me Waiting
You will be back
That's what you said to me
A kiss on my neck
That was your guarantee
Then you dis­ap­peared in the darkness
Swallowed up into the night
But still I hold onto your light.
Don't keep me waiting
Don't keep me waiting…
Don't keep me waiting
Don't keep me waiting.
Do what you need.
Go where you have to go
At your own speed.
I'm patient you know.
Come back and we'll start it all over
Just like it was once before.
We won't be alone anymore.
I will be here
Just as I said I would.
I will be here
Making sure all is good.
I will be here
Until you come again.
I will be here
And I will hold you then.
I gave my word to you
I'm going to see this through.
You won't be aban­doned now.
We will unite somehow.
I will be here
Doing what I can do.
I will be here
Standing alone for you
I will be here
Pending our rendezvous
I will be here
Though you are overdue
I thought we understood
This was for your own good.

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