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Lyrics of 'IAMX – The X ID'

Hold your head up
You are not the victim
I’m not sure you will make the cut
I think you’ve lost the drive and will to win

Your res­ist­ance
Prophetic self-destruction
Creates the distance
Every time you get closer to someone

There’s pois­on in my head and I don’t know what to do
The hole’s too deep for the drugs to get me through
Oh the city cre­ated my fears and took my mind
Oh Mirror
Give me back my time

Face your destiny
It was always only ever you and me
We can be any­thing we want to be
Make shit up and live it completely

I am alive, I am alive
Oh say it to your­self, say it to your­self, oh
Why do we need to function?
Why do we need to fit into this hell?

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