IAMX – The Void

IAMX The Void

‘The Void’ from the new ‘IAMX‘ mini album ‘Everything Is Burning (Metanoia Addendum)‘. Video directed by Chris Corner.


You took me on, you forced my hand again
Holding the rope, holding everything
Only the bravest girl would sit through this
Only the darkest German confidence

I guess if I’m breathing this is not the end
I guess if I love myself I have a friend
Oh and if there’s nothing left I have your voice
Talking me into sleep, into the void

We laid in the sand, the salt breeze in our eyes
Telling our stories with unspoken signs
Waves of old tension still controlling us
Waves of a new life slowly calming us

Official video description

“The Void represents the end of an era. The completion of my own personal transformation after a 2 year battle with depression and chronic insomnia. It’s an addendum to the album Metanoia. The video is a fusion or a mashup of all the IAMX videos during this period. Some shot and directed by me, some by others. I see it as a celebration of my own private victory, my new found inner strength and also a symbol to my audience or anybody searching that life is extraordinary and happiness is conquerable. I’ve spent years putting together abstract visuals for our multimedia stage shows so I felt the video could also reflect this. There is no mind-numbingly banal narrative, just a throbbing collage of transient images. The way my reality is and the way I love it.”