Josie Pace – Fire

Official music video 'Fire' by 'Josie Pace' taken from the album 'IV0X10V5'.


It’s been so hard for me to write what they say
Why’s it so hard for me just hold­ing my place
They’re under­neath my skin, you’ll nev­er believe
That I’m, I’m dying. They’re lying.
And when the water’s fall­ing out from my face
They grab my shoulders, put me back “in my place”
They live inside my skin, it’s not what you see
cause I’m, I’m dying. They’re lying.

I’m on fire
I'm on fire
Stupid liar
Set me on fire

It’s dark and black inside of what I pretend
It’s hard enough to see their face in the end
All that you want from me is just to succeed
and I’m, I’m try­ing. They’re lying.
And when it’s over and my hearts in their hands
Their twist­ing fin­gers will determ­ine demands
But when they hold me close it’s not what it seems
Cause I’m, I’m cry­ing. They’re lying.

I’m on fire
I’m on fire
Stupid liar
Set me on fire

My exclus­ive cauterize
Searing, chok­ing, Fire Fire
Dazed afflic­tion, high­er higher
Take your label, liar liar

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