Korine – Cruel

Official music video 'Cruel' per­formed by 'Korine' taken from the album 'The Night We Raise'. Video by Max R. Holland.


They’re mak­ing you cry
With your wishes unknown
Without a disguise
You’re dying alone
I could be cruel
I could be I could be
I could be cruel
I’ve seen in your eyes
What you don’t even know
It’s the dev­il inside
And you’re break­ing the rules
I could be cruel
You’re mak­ing your time
You’re tear­ing your soul
Got your heart turn­ing black
Yeah you already know
I’m the one that you love
But you don’t know why
I’m alive in your tomb
I’m mak­ing you sigh
Now the feel­ing is gone
Just like venus you shine
I’m alone in the woods with the spir­it entwined and I could be cruel

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