Vigilante – Illumination (Feat. Kryptomedic)

Vigilante - Illumination (Feat. Kryptomedic)

Official music video ‘Illumination (Feat.Kryptomedic)’ performed by ‘Vigilante’. Video directed and edited by L’Hermite Sombre.


It’s time to make it real
It’s time to clean your tears
Escape this golden cage of isolation

It’s time to face the truth
the light inside of you
It’s something you can feel…


Iluminated heavy, blazen low we keep it steady
Motion to the call we crash against the levy
Tide waves move fast they crash upon the dash
The Breaks wont break and you can hear the shattered glass
Red lights flash yo the siren to the call
You see your Life before your eyes
Thats the science of the fall Shit
I wish I seen that shit comin, coming
Na you never see that shit coming

Straight like life got them fire in they eyes yo
cut like knife pain the truth to disquise yo
You find your truth you can seek it with your mind yo
Hey just look inside…

You can lie but ya lying to ya self
you can like but ya lying to ya self now
you can lie you only lying to ya self
you only lying to ya self
you only

we are the ligths that will defeat the darkness
we are the ones that don’t follow the master
we are the ones that don’t follow!