Le Butcherettes – Struggle/STRUGGLE

Official music video 'Struggle/STRUGGLE' per­formed by 'Le Butcherettes'. Directed by NOUN.


I only want you to know the pavement
with a dis­tant move that ruins everything

One step on the ground a crystal’s born
If you ignore the siren my hands will turn to ice

Let’s steal from any­thing, everything resem­bling law
We don’t really believe any­thing, everything the sky says to us

Let’s hide from any­one, every­one that blew a ballon
We don’t really believe any­thing, everything that heli­um cries

Struggle, struggle to the end
Struggle, struggle that’s the game

You’ve gone as long as the day can last
With a stick of finite it hurts to keep myself

Follow, stone
You think you’ve had it hard
Cheap trick; it’s passing it’s way through

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